Julbo AERO Glasses white/grey with Zebra photocromic lenses

Julbo AERO Glasses white/grey with Zebra photocromic lenses


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Designed for those who seek out the most demanding of activities, be it a vertical mile or 100 mile trail race. The Aero is uncompromising when it comes to performance and comfort. The Zebra and Zebra Light photochromic versions guarantee a wide clear field of vision, regardless of light levels. The suspended lens construction provides outstanding ventilation even in the most intense situations. The Air Link temples provide a secure and comfortable fit while remaining as light as possible.

Unique Technologies

Taking advantage from all Julbo running advances, the new Julbo Aero provides technology efficient solutions.

  • Zebra Light photochromic (cat. 1 to 3) anti-fog lens

    This photochromic anti-fog lens quickly adapts to any light condition at any moment of the day. It is ideal for mountain biking, trail running, etc.

  • Panoramic

    Wide lens surface for broad field of vision.

  • 3D Fit Nose

    Special wingtips are adjustable in every direction so that the glasses can be adapted to every type of nose shape and ensure unbeatable hold in all conditions.

  • Full Venting

    Aerated structure that allows complete air circulation to avoid fog.

  • Grip Tech

    Inserts at stem ends for comfort and hold.

  • Front Venting

    Natural front air flow due to the lens shape or mounting structure.

  • Air Link Temple System

    Shock absorbing elastomer insert at the end of temples for more comfort and lightness.

  • Optical Clip

    For graduated lenses users.

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Sunlens TechnologyZebra Light
Solar ProtectionAnti-fog Photochromatic Lenses

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