SIKU - PAC & H2O Hybrid Sports Evaporative Cooling Vest

SIKU - PAC & H2O Hybrid Sports Evaporative Cooling Vest

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The INUTEQ SIKU cooling vest is created for multiple sport purposes and commonly used as pre-post cooling vest by athletes, in combination with our INUTEQ-PAC 15ºC/ 59ºF bio-based PCM packs.

This hybrid vest will provide a constant temperature, improving performance and reducing heat stress and fatigue.

Evaporative INUTEQ H2O Cooling Fabric provides 2-6 hours of cooling relief per soaking and includes 4 pockets for INUTEQ PAC bio-based PCM (Phase Change Material) inserts providing a constant temperature for several hours.

INUTEQ-PAC bio-based PCM cooling inserts can be ordered separately and you can choose the temperature which suits best for your activity.


This INUTEQ hybrid cooling product:

  • is antibacterial and machine washable
  • is easy to use and re-use
  • is lightweight, non-toxic and durable
  • allows up to 15ºC / 59ºF below ambient temperature
  • offers up to 6 hours of cooling comfort
  • is CE-marked

Instructions for Use

The INUTEQ H2O evaporative cooling vest is easy to activate. Just soak in water for 2 minutes maximum and gently squeeze out excess water.

Your vest is now ready to wear, instantly creating evaporative cooling for up to 6 hours, depending on the ambient temperature, humidity and airflow.

Insert the PCM cooling packs into the pockets to obtain a constant cooling temperature during several hours.

Best Use

Works best in low-medium humidity environments, and where airflow can reach the body. The more airflow, the better you feel the cooling effect.

  • Effective cooling time during average use
  • See PCM insert
  • Does it perform well in warm conditions under 38ºC /100ºF
  • Yes
  • Does it perform well in hot conditions above 38ºC / 100ºF
  • Yes
  • Does it perform well in low-mid humid conditions
  • Yes
  • Does it perform well in high humid conditions
  • Low
  • Does it perform well underneath breathable garments
  • Yes
  • Does it perform well underneath hazmat suits
  • Yes
  • Does it perform well without airflow
  • Yes
  • Suitable for high activity
  • Yes
  • Requirements to activate
  • See PCM insert


  • Outside: 100% Cotton
  • Core: INUTEQ H2O superabsorbent cooling fabric with antibacterial treatment
  • Liner: Polyester
  • Pockets for inserts: Polyester Mesh. 4 (2 front, 2 back)
  • Closure: Front opening zipper








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