SIRMIQ - PVA Cooling Towel

SIRMIQ - PVA Cooling Towel

Longlasting super-evaporative water based cooling towel, for use in and outdoors.

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Longlasting super-evaporative water based cooling, for use in and outdoors.

Using the INUTEQ PVA evaporative cooling towel is a fast and easy way to beat the heat and stay fresh and cool at work, during sports and at leisure.

The INUTEQ PVA evaporative cooling technology is a highly absorbent Polyvinyl Alcohol Fabric which will cool you down for several hours, improving performance and reducing heat stress and fatigue.


This INUTEQ PVA evaporative cooling product:

  • is antibacterial and machine washable
  • is easy to use and re-use
  • is lightweight, non-toxic and durable
  • allows up to 15ºC / 59ºF below ambient temperature
  • offers up to 4 hours of cooling comfort
  • is CE-marked

Instructions for Use

Activation is easy. Soak the towel again in clean water for one minute and gently squeeze out any excess water. Your towel is now ready for use, and will keep you comfortably cool for several hours.

Before the first use soak the towel in warm water for one minute and let it dry completely.

For storage, keep your towel in the special storage tube. It can be stored damp or hung to dry. The towel becomes stiff when it is dried completely.

Best Use

  • Effective cooling time during average use
  • Up to 4 hrs
  • Does it perform well in warm conditions under 38C /100F
  • Yes
  • Does it perform well in hot conditions above 38C / 100F
  • Yes
  • Does it perform well in low-mid humid conditions
  • Yes
  • Does it perform well in high humid conditions
  • Yes
  • Does it perform well underneath breathable garments
  • Yes
  • Does it perform well underneath hazmat suits
  • No
  • Does it perform well without airflow
  • Yes
  • Suitable for high activity
  • Yes
  • Requirements to activate
  • Tap Water


  • Outside: 100% Polyvinyl Alcohol Fabric




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